If instructions are not followed the application will be disqualified
Grant Year 2018-2019

Instructions should be followed as closely as possible. Details should be concise. Please note that deficiencies in explanations will detract from final assessment. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15, 2017. GRANT RECIPIENT(S) WILL RECEIVE NOTIFICATION BY APRIL 15, 2018.

Applicant should send the original and five copies to the following address. Please do not use staples on the forms.

Do NOT request "signature required".  LLL will confirm receipt of package upon arrival.

Grant Administrator
Rosalie Edwards
#9 Carlsbad Street
Kenner, LA 70065

The application should include the following components in this order:

    1. Title Page Please use form that is provided as a cover sheet.

    2. Description of Project (be brief, but use as much space as required to provide adequate explanations).

  • Statement of problem (describe briefly). Discuss the current state of knowledge in the area of interest. Use footnotes to indicate references in your bibliography (see below).

  • Objectives of the proposed research program and their expected significance to leukemia.

  • Previous work by investigator on related problems.

  • Investigator's Resources and Qualifications
  • Brief general descriptions of the laboratory and/or clinical resources available, and professional status of the investigator.

  • Description of any project(s) currently running (or to be started within six months), related to the work proposed in this application. Include source, amount of grant, title of each funded project, with start and end dates of support.

  • Rough estimate (percentage) of investigator's time and effort expected to be devoted to the proposed project.
  • Method of approach. The general plan of the work should be outlined, and should include board design of experiments to be undertaken. The Research Advisory Committee's judgement of the scientific merit of the proposed research will depend largely on the clarity and adequacy of this section. Please note that judging will be based on content, not length, of the applicaton.

  • Bibliography
  • 3. Résumé:
  • Curriculum of principal investigator and collaborating investigator(s).
  • Include for each a list of any important publications on the subject of the proposed project or other closely related work, and also a list of each investigators's recent publications - limit to the five most recent.
  • Other applications
  • List other agencies to which you have applied, or will apply, for support of this proposed project. The applicant must not receive double support for any project, and agrees to return any LLL funds that are not used specifically for the project for which a grant was intended.
  • Previously granted awards
  • Include titles, dates, and amounts of grant awards, and publications resulting from awards.
  • Other research support
  • List titles, dates, amounts and agencies awarding other grants, including both current support and pending support.
    4. Proposed Budget (Use form provided)
    5. Endorsements (Use form provided; all required signatures must be included)


Ladies Leukemia League, Inc.
P.O. Box 9355
Metairie, LA 70055-9355
I.D.# 72-0997410